Altai Super Wi-Fi Underground Communication System

An advanced solution for critical communication that extends beyond voice to integrated systems and data applications in underground environments.

The Altai Super Wi-Fi Underground Communication System (UCS) is portable, IP rated, bespoke solution to generate a closed loop IP network above and below ground allowing staff to take advantage of voice and data applications.  Altai Super WiFi products are used due to their high quality carrier grade and worldwide proven performance to increase capacity and extend coverage.  HSP/LTE routers and handheld communications devices are included as per client requirements.

Altai products can provide 10 times the coverage area compared to any standard access point and uniform coverage in Non Line Of Site conditions.

Industries working in underground environments must have reliable critical communications systems that will not fail.  To reduce costs and improve worker safety, it is necessary to take advantage of smart applications that increase situational awareness and can provide the information your staff need to make critical decisions.

Underground Wi-Fi enables staff to use smart devices for data, video, mapping and more.  Using these options will improve the quality, speed and effectiveness of communications for your business. This will then positively impact on your operation’s efficiency allowing staff immediate access to information, consultants, and experts to improve business outcomes in real-time.

You can find recent case studies for the Wi-Fi UCS HERE


The Altai Super Wi-Fi UCS has applications across a myriad of industries operating in underground scenarios including:

  • Water pipe/sewerage monitoring
  • Underground tunnels
  • Gas pipe inspections
  • Lift shafts
  • Stormwater drains
  • Water tanks, gas tanks
  • Building sites/high rise buildings
  • Underwater exploration (currently proof of concept stage)

Where you have an application that can be run from a packet switch network there is no need to send maximum people to do the work – you can utilise vision, data and more from the Wi-Fi Underground Communication System.

There is a wealth of operational benefits for your business by providing access to real-time, accurate information:


Utilising open standard 5GHz frequency band provides a common platform for all products to work with and utilise.  This means that all critical communications can operate on devices staff are required to use.

Improved Staff Safety

Real-time information makes your workforce not only contactable but visible and traceable.  In an underground environment, this enables you to operate systems that keep people out of dangerous situations or respond rapidly if a situation arises.

Improved Workforce Efficiency

With the introduction of mobile devices in an underground environment, information can be used not only by site workers, but also consultants off site.  If your staff are operating monitoring devices, these can be set up to report automatically. Documenting real-time events for storage will allow post exploratory follow-up and improve accuracy and forward planning.

Business Cost Reductions

Any underground traverse requires a team of staff above and below ground in attendance on site including rescue personnel and consultants.  By using a Wi-Fi platform, you can eliminating the need for experts to be on site and vastly reduce of the cost of the operation. Access to real-time information via Wi-Fi data is also integral to business cost reductions.

Improved Situational Awareness

With relevant staff able to access live information via connected devices, you achieve unified communications which assists with awareness and remote decision making.

Sydney Client Solution for Underground Tunnel Traverse

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