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What is an RF Attenuator?

Attenuators are a relatively simple component used to reduce the power level of an incoming signal. They are used when signal level is too high and must be reduced to achieve optimum performance or protect a device from damage.

There are multiple types of attenuators, but overwhelmingly the most common type is a Fixed Attenuator. This is a simple inline component that looks similar to an ordinary RF Adapter. It has a resistive element which dissipates a specific amount of RF power as heat. It does not require any sort of ground path.

Powertec maintain a select range of RF Attenuators which are used to reduce the input power level to a Cel-Fi repeater. This situation is occasionally encountered when a repeater donor antenna is installed near a 4G-5G base station, which can result in the repeater giving an “input signal too strong” message. Resolving this error message is as simple as inserting the Attenuator inline on the donor antenna feeder.

Attenuators reduce the RSSI/RSRP input signal power while maintaining signal quality (SINR).