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Optus Cel-Fi QUATRA

What is the Optus Cel-Fi QUATRA?

The Cel-Fi QUATRA represent a major advancement in cellular in-building repeater technology. QUATRA is a 4G mobile coverage repeater that uses a hub-and-spoke format to broadcast Optus mobile coverage at full strength from multiple Coverage Units distributed throughout the building.

QUATRA comprises a master “Network Unit” which can connect up to four Coverage Units. Each Coverage Unit is connected by a standard ethernet cable and powered over PoE, eliminating time-consuming and costly coaxial cables. Each Coverage Unit has a massive +22 dBm output power, allowing solutions to be designed for buildings even as large as 10 storeys (5x larger buildings than GO)

With cellular technology advancing rapidly, QUATRA looks to the future. Its unique architecture enables simultaneous 2×2 MIMO and 2C carrier aggregation for high speed data services. Connected by lossless ethernet cables as long as 100 metres (up to 2 kilometres with an optional Fibre converter), Optus mobile coverage can be distributed efficiently throughout even the most complicated industrial facilities.

QUATRA is a restricted item which must be designed under a stringent Optus network approval process and be installed by certified Powertec contractors.