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IoT Automation

IoT has quickly become one of the most important fields in the technology landscape. The driving force behind IoT’s acceleration in Australia is the technology’s ability to deliver measurable, tangible cost efficiencies through automation.

Automation at its heart derives efficiency through the elimination of unnecessary labour, freeing up staff from monotonous tasks; along with capturing and transforming data into information for improved decision making.

One of the most challenging aspects of IoT in our country is providing the underlying connectivity layer at a cost that makes economic sense. After considering lifecycle costs, individual sensors may contribute only a few dollars per year to the entire solution’s NPV.

Working with most off-the-shelf sensors, Powertec have developed the myinsight.io connectivity platform which provides technology-agnostic connectivity across LoRa, LTE-M, WiFi, and Ethernet, ensuring your equipment can be monitored and controlled regardless of location.

Our portfolio of solutions is extended by a range of detection and emergency alerting systems, along with our suite of wearable IoT technologies, including Realwear, an Augmented Reality system for providing remote personnel collaboration.

Milesight Cloud (Annual Fee)

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Teltonika RUTX09 3G/4G/4G700 CAT6 Router

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Cellferno M600 LTE CAT6 Outdoor CPE

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