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Telstra Cel-Fi GO

Repeater kits in this section all use the Cel-Fi GO for Telstra.

What is a Telstra Cel-Fi GO?

Cel-Fi GO is a type of inline repeater that picks up weak signal from an external antenna and rebroadcasts it at full strength from its service antenna. Cel-Fi GO models in this section are designed and approved for use on the Telstra mobile network.

The GO operates on Telstra’s main 3G, 4G, and soon 5G bands. For those in weak signal areas the main frequency band used is B28 700 MHz, which you might have heard called ‘Telstra 4GX’. This is a long range 4G service which has replaced the ageing Telstra 3G network.

For most of us the Cel-Fi GO will be automatically set to boost Telstra 700 MHz to provide a strong 5-bar mobile phone signal inside the car, boat, caravan, or building.

Unlike the PRO model, GO is an inline repeater, which means it sits in between the external (donor) antenna and internal (service) antenna and has the sole job of amplifying the signal power. This makes it very simple and easy to install. It’s also one tough nugget, it’s built with a solid cast aluminium chassis and is IP54-rated so it can handle moisture and dust.

Cel-Fi GO G31 is single band, meaning it can rebroadcast one Telstra channel at a time. For most of us this just means choosing between 3G or 4G, but for more advanced building installations this means the technician may measure and select between a few frequencies to provide the best possible service.