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RF Adapters

RF adapters provide a quick and inexpensive means of resolving connector incompatibilities whether you are in the field or the lab.

Their purpose is often to join two cables together or change the connector series if the cable or antenna has an incompatible end.

Most coaxial adapters take the form of a solid metal component, with one RF interface on either end. Adapters are most commonly straight-bodied, where the adapter may look like a cylinder, but can also be right-angled or curved to help join cables in tight spaces.

Good quality RF adapters will exhibit low Insertion Loss, low VSWR, and a wide operating frequency range. In tough environments characteristics like hermetic sealing and salt fog resistance become more relevant.

In commercial and industrial repeater applications we also need to pay close attention to PIM, which relates to the adapter producing out-of-band interference, which can harm the performance of an operator’s cellular network.