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Point to Multipoint (PTM)

A point-to-multipoint network is a type of wireless bridging system in which a central device, known as the Base Station, is connected to multiple devices wirelessly. The Base Station acts as a hub, transmitting and receiving data to and from the connected devices often called Subscribers. Point-to-multipoint wireless networks are often used to provide connectivity to a group of devices in a specific area, such as interconencting a group of buildings, connecting CCTV cameras back to a central location, or providing wireless internet access over a large geographic area.

Point-to-multipoint wireless networks commonly use the 5 GHz unlicenced band because it offers a large bandwidth and a lower interference compared to other unlicenced band like 2.4 GHz. The 5 GHz band is available for anyone to use and does not require registration or fees, the only condition is that users abide by strict power limitations to prevent interference to other users. The 60 GHz mmWave band is becoming more frequently used in short range high capacity multipoint networks due to its ability to provide very fast data speeds and very compact sizing.