Powertec Integrated Management System Policy Statement

Our mission is to provide connectivity and communication solutions using wireless products that make a difference in people’ lives.

We strive to continually improve our internal systems, offering a high level of customer service, after-sales support, prompt fulfilment and product education. This will deliver customer confidence, value for money, and our stability as a profitable business.

Our commitment to quality, health and safety and the environment is delivered by adopting
an integrated approach to our management systems in line with the ISO 9001 :2015, AS/NZS 480 :2001, ISO14001 :2015 standards, and comply with all relevant legislation, regulations, and other legal and industry requirements.

Our Integrated Management System is externally and independently certified.

We will communicate our policy to our employees through our intranet and make it available for our customers or other interested parties on our website or on request.

The company defines our core values for integrated management as:

  • Our People – are our prime asset and we focus on investing in their training and ensuring the implementation of safe working practices.
  • Consultation – with our employees on our quality, health and safety, and environmental objectives and targets.
  • Monitoring – we monitor the service we provide to our customers through feedback and audits.
  • Measuring – we measure our performance and analyse the results over a period to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Investigation – all accidents, incidents and near misses affecting the safety of the environment are investigated to apply preventative actions.
  • Develop – we have a partnership approach with our Dealers, suppliers, and sub-contractors to encourage them to adopt products and services with a focus on quality, safety and environmental objectives.

All management and staff hold joint responsibility for the ongoing development and implementation of this policy.

The Integrated Management System policy, plus our objectives, and targets will be reviewed annually by Senior Management.

Ran McDonald
Date: 6th October 2022


It is the policy of Powertec Telecommunications to operate our business in a manner that consistently meets or exceeds the quality standards set by our stakeholders. To achieve this, we are committed to continuous improvement of our operations and the products and services provided by our company.


To achieve this goal, we recognise that the quality of our products and services are determined by our customer’s needs and expectations. Our objectives are to:

  • develop, implement, and maintain a management system based on the standard ISO 9001
  • set specific objectives, and monitor our activities to identify and measure client priorities and satisfaction,
  • develop and maintain processes and procedures that ensure that client priorities and satisfaction is addressed,
  • achieve efficiency in our operations, attention to detail, and high responsiveness to customer priorities,
  • provide quality products and services, at the best price whilst maintaining organisation stability,
  • provide a culture where continuous improvement is encouraged.


We, as a company will:

  • train all staff, contractors, and stakeholders to identify areas where improvement can be achieved,
  • remove wasted steps and time in our processes,
  • strive to ensure that customer and stakeholder satisfaction is always achieved,
  • support the adoption of quality systems and management principles in order that all stakeholders benefit from this commitment to quality.

Staff are expected to:

  • assist and cooperate in ensuring that this policy is followed, including proactively identifying any lack of understanding of our objectives,
  • actively engaged in the achievement of the goals and objectives of this policy.

Ran McDonald
Date: 6th October 2022



Powertec Telecommunications is committed to the preservation of the environment and prioritises this to be of high importance in the delivery of our services. The organisation’s primary aim is to ensure a minimal impact on the environment when performing all works.

Powertec Telecommunications believes that the performance of its environmental management system reflects the high quality of our work and the sustainability of our business. To protect and improve the state of the environment in which we operate, we will:

  • Ensure compliance with the requirements of the project documents, codes, standards and legislative requirements to achieve best practice
  • Ensure that we are protecting and maintaining the environment in which we work
  • assess the environmental impacts of all historic, current and likely future operations
  • continually seek to improve environmental performance
  • reduce pollution, emissions and waste through emissions from transport, oil leaks and spills, excessive noise, heat or vibration generated by the activities of our business
  • reduce the use of all raw materials, energy and supplies
  • raise awareness, encourage participation, and train employees in environmental matters
  • expect similar environmental standards from all suppliers and contractors
  • assist customers to use products and services in an environmentally sensitive way
  • liaise with the local community
  • communicate environmental aims and objectives to employees and external stakeholders
  • Consult with our employees and engage with interested parties to improve our environmental management performance, and that of others operating in the telecommunication’s industry;
  • Maintain a certified Environmental Management System under the requirements of ISO 14001:2015.

Ran McDonald
Date: 6th October 2022



Powertec telecommunications is committed to ensuring the safety and welfare of all employees, interested parties and those the organisation may influence. Powertec telecommunications believes that providing a safe and healthy work environment contributes in a significant way to the quality of our work and the sustainability of our business.

To maintain a safe and healthy workplace for all those associated with the company,

We will:

Comply with all relevant OH&S legislation and regulations, and other requirements that are placed on us, or to which we subscribe.

  • Understand the needs and expectations of interested parties;
  • Develop, implement and maintain procedures for hazard identification, assessment and control covering all of our activities, and of those who we may influence;
  • Eliminate risks within the workplace
  • Establish and pursue Health and Safety objectives and targets that focus on improving management performance by eliminating or minimising risks of workplace illness or injury;
  • Identify competencies required for the establishment and management of a safe and healthy workplace, and ensure such competencies are always retained within our workforce;
  • Endeavour to ensure that workplace bullying and harassment does not occur;
  • Identify potential emergency situations and establish procedures for their prevention and response;
  • Consult with our staff and engage with other stakeholders to reduce workplace risks and improve health conditions;
  • Ensure occupational rehabilitation for injured/ill employees without them being prejudiced or disadvantaged, and to guarantee that effective return to work plans are developed and implemented;
  • Maintain a certified Safety Management System in accordance with the requirements of ISO 45001:2018

Ran McDonald
Date: 6th October 2022

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