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Telecommunications cables, whether they are Ethernet, Coaxial, or Fibre, can often be overlooked during network design despite being one of the most heavily regulated components.

Incorrect cable selection or poor planning can result in significant signal loss, unexpectedly low data rates, breach building codes and regulatory standards, and even impact other wireless networks through the generation of spurious products and intermodulation.

Good quality cabling seeks to minimise signal loss per metre, called attenuation, while maintaining practicality of physical installation. Highly efficient cables are extremely rigid and can be very large in diameter, so a trade-off between performance, cost, and practicality must be struck.

Powertec leverages its direct-to-source manufacturing partnerships to provide cost effective cabling solutions. Partnership with global leaders like CommScope ensures uncompromising cable quality backed up by comprehensive support documentation.

305M Cat6 UTP Solid Gel Filled Cable Roll

SKU: CPE-CL-00029

$440.00 inc GST
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