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RF Surge Protectors

Coaxial surge protection is used to prevent damage to wireless hardware and interconnected systems during a lightning strike event. RF Surge Protectors, also known as Arresters, form one of the main components of a Lightning Protection System (LPS).

Many manufacturers void equipment warranties at sites where an LPS is not implemented or does not meet a predefined earth-grounding requirement.

The implementation of an LPS is essential in not only protecting the warranty of wireless equipment, but the warranty of any sensitive electrical equipment located in the building. Failure to implement reasonable lightning protection measures can even void insurance policies held by the building owner.

Most coaxial surge protectors are either Quarter-Wave Stub (QWS) or Gas Discharge Tube in their design. Aside from the usual RF performance characteristics like Insertion Loss, we also need to consider the arrestive effectiveness. When choosing between models, consider electrical parameters like response rate along with practical considerations like whether the surge protector is multi-strike or requires replacement after each surge event.

When choosing between simple, economical surge protection over heavy-duty, high performance models, always consider the potential damage bill of interconnected equipment placed at risk through the antenna system.