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Bonders & Load Balancers

For demanding wireless connections, that is, those which need high uptime, high capacity, or high peak data rates, we often need to look at bonding or load balancing multiple 4G-5G connections together.

A Load Balancer is a type of router which maintains two or more WAN connections and attempts to distribute internet traffic fairly between them. Because each web connection must take a single route from sender to receiver, a Load Balancer provides more capacity (supports more users) but cannot increase maximum internet speeds.

When faster per-connection speed is required you may need a Bonder. This type of device aggregates two or more connections together to create a single ‘pipe’ for traffic to flow through. It works by using a Cloud platform as a proxy, acting as a single route between sender and receiver. Traffic is then tunnelled between the Cloud and Bonder over multiple internet connections.

Bonding can be a great way to escape heavy network congestion by splitting traffic between different providers or technologies. One consideration with a Bonder is that they typically require paid subscription to the cloud platform provider.