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Cellular Repeaters

Powertec are proud to be the world’s largest supplier of Cel-Fi mobile repeater systems, with over 150,000 installations across Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific Islands.

Often called mobile boosters, a repeater is designed to detect and amplify a weak 3G, 4G, or 5G signal, allowing it to be rebroadcast at full strength throughout the building. It is the most effective way to improve mobile voice and data services.

The Cel-Fi range of repeaters take a weak cellular signal and add up to 100 dB of boost which can be output inside the house or distributed throughout a building using one or many antennas.

Powertec are also the largest developer of Off-Air Repeater systems, leading in-building coverage projects across Australia and New Zealand which are installed with our network of specialist installation contractors.

We also specialise in the development of creative and unusual repeater systems for our clients in mining, energy, and defence, along with long range relay systems for isolated farms and communities.

Cel-Fi GO2 Vodafone AU – Magnetic Pack

SKU: RPR-CF-00296

$1,987.23 inc GST
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CEL-FI GO2 Vodafone Building Pack

SKU: WEB-050

$2,248.63 inc GST
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CEL-FI GO2 Optus Building Pack

SKU: WEB-085

$1,847.91 inc GST
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CEL-FI GO2 Optus – Magnetic Pack

SKU: RPR-CF-00422

$1,987.23 inc GST
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4G-5G Desktop Survey, Mobile Coverage Audit

SKU: SERV-00104

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CEL-FI GO2 Optus Caravan Pack

SKU: WEB-087

$1,907.54 inc GST
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CEL-FI GO2 Optus Marine Pack

SKU: WEB-084

$1,834.78 inc GST
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CEL-FI GO2 Optus Trucker/4WD Pack

SKU: WEB-086

$1,592.15 inc GST
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Cel-Fi GO2 Power Supply AU/ NZ 240v

SKU: RPR-CF-00181

$90.89 inc GST
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CEL-FI GO2 Vodafone Caravan Pack

SKU: WEB-053

$2,185.13 inc GST
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