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Optus Cel-Fi GO4

What is the Optus Cel-Fi GO4?

The Cel-Fi GO series are a type of inline repeater that picks up weak Optus signal from an external antenna and rebroadcasts at full strength from one or more indoor antennas.

Optus Cel-Fi GO4 G41 is the latest mobile booster which is based on the same inline repeater design as the earlier models, but now with an even larger coverage area and supporting multiple frequencies for up to twice the data speed.

The unit has an output power of +20 dBm, an increase from +16 dBm with the previous GO models. That’s an incredible 250% increase in output power.

One of the biggest feature releases with this model is carrier-switching, allowing the unit to be changed instantly between Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone networks. This makes GO4 the first ‘unlocked’ repeater of its kind.

Optus Cel-Fi GO4 is dual band, meaning it can rebroadcast two Optus channels at a time. This means the unit can be set to boost 3G and 4G simultaneously or boost two 4G channels to support faster speeds through carrier aggregation.

The GO4 also supports a range of advanced cellular technologies such as LTE-M, NB-IoT, 5G DSS, and both 5G NSA & SA modes on compatible networks. G41 may be capable of supporting future Optus 5G bands, but at the moment does not support the standard n78 3500 MHz band.