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Outdoor cellular antennas, sometimes called external antennas, are typically installed on the roof of a building or on a tall structure. They are designed to be installed high above the ground where signal is less affected by nearby buildings and trees.

While there is a range of antennas in this section, the vast majority of sites use just one or two main types. For mobile repeaters such as Cel-Fi, the most common antenna types are the LPDA, Yagi, and Grid antennas. The LPDA antenna is the most common all-rounder because it exhibits a good strong gain, isn’t too sensitive to direction, and operates on all mobile frequencies. In very poor signal areas stronger antennas like the Yagi and Grid antennas may be necessary.

4G mobile broadband is most easily improved by connecting to a panel antenna. These compact square shaped antennas have either two or four connectors to provide fast data speeds using MIMO. Like the LPDA antennas they have good gain and can tolerate nearby houses and trees with ease. When 4G signal is extremely weak larger antenna types (including some very large panels) can be used.

Improving mobile phone or mobile broadband connectivity isn’t rocket science, it just means talking to the right people. Powertec have the tools and experience to make sure the right solution is recommended.