Powertec hold the Australian licence to deliver cost effective, easy installation, plug and play solutions for the residential market. The CEL-FI mobile repeater is a legal and Carrier approved product in the Australian market and is ideal for small offices or residential homes.

The CEL-FI is designed to amplify and disburse a 3G/4G/HSPA/LTE mobile signal within a building without causing any interference to the mobile network. The CEL-FI is locked to the carrier and will only amplify a signal in that carrier’s set frequency range.

The System compromises of two boxes, a Network Unit and a Coverage Unit – the Network Unit communicates with the mobile base station, amplifies the signal and passes it to the Coverage Unit via a wireless link. The Coverage Unity is responsible for disbursing the mobile signal within the building to multiple mobile devices.

This system is perfect for small offices with a coverage area of up to 600m2. It is a plug and play setup and fully wireless – the end user can be set up in minutes. There are also optional antenna ports for connecting an outdoor antenna if signal is extremely poor.

Installation of the unit and accessories can be arranged if requested – we can refer you to a professional in your area. The Powertec technical support team is also available to assist the end user if necessary.

For more information on small scale residential Wi-Fi solutions please visit our website www.CEL-FI.com.au.