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Machine-to-machine antennas, often called IoT antennas, are designed to be compact and tough to survive industrial environments. Their designs focus on providing maximum radiated efficiency – the most bang-for-buck possible given the functional constraints.

Unlike other antenna types, M2M / IoT antennas don’t have the luxury of focusing their radiated output in one direction over another, so Peak Gain isn’t a useful way to assess performance. Antennas in this section produce mostly spherical or donut shaped patterns that help radiate signal in all possible directions. This makes sure the one antenna type can be installed in a multitude of possible locations or configurations and still communicate successfully, critical in any metering / monitoring / industrial control application.

Mechanical endurance is also a critical factor in M2M antenna design. Assets may be deployed in direct exposure to not only the environment but vandalism, forces and stresses, chemicals and oils, high pressure cleaning, and they may be exposed to these conditions for decades. Close attention to gaskets, internal sealings, UV-stability, and material types must be paid.