There are two key components to improving the coverage and performance of your wireless network, mobile phone, or broadband service.

We’ll provide an overview to the equipment available to solve wireless connectivity issues, but it’s not essential to understand the ins-and-outs of the technology – Powertec have a team of experts and technical support available to answer your questions. We want you to be able to install with confidence, knowing the Powertec team are always here to help with those curly problems.


One of the most important component of a wireless communication system is the antenna. As wireless technologies become increasingly more complex so do the antennas. Only a few years ago, an antenna was a simple shape of metal tuned to a single frequency and connected by one cable. We had designs such as the Yagi and whip antennas, and we really only wanted to know how high the ‘gain’ was.

Modern wireless networks, such as those used by Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, Spark, and 2Degrees are now incredibly complex, using active arrays of 64 or 128 individual antenna elements that constantly permutate to direct coverage where it is needed most. These advanced antennas can track users moving, change their configuration to block out sources of interference, and cooperate with other base stations to improve data speeds.

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