If staying in contact with those on the land is important whilst you are at sea, then we have solutions to help you keep in touch. Downloading weather maps, booking a marina berth or searching for a good restaurant at your next stop is made easier.

We specialise in providing voice and internet solutions to the marine industry utilising the mobile network and Wi-Fi.


Boosting Mobile Signal

The CEL-FI GO is the ideal product to boost and distribute a 3G/4G mobile signal on a boat, ship or marine vessel. Supporting voice and mobile internet for multiple mobile devices, boosting your mobile coverage at sea has never been easier. Typical setup includes a marine antenna up high in the vessel to receive the mobile signal, which connects into the CEL-FI GO repeater. An antenna down on deck connects to the GO to disburse the boosted signal. We offer systems for all mobile operators.


Voice & internet using an LTE router

An alternative is to have a stand-alone system for your vessel. The Robustel R2000 series industrial routers are the ideal solution for providing ‘internet’ or ‘voice and internet’ onboard any marine vessel. Although calls are being sent over the mobile network, call quality is identical to a fixed line telephone call. The industrial routers provides the user with peace of mind and the convenience of having a reliable telephone and internet service on board. They can also connect to existing systems onboard including phone systems for voice and provide internet to engine, video and security monitoring.

Powertec is constantly updating and developing solutions to improve marine communication so it is well worth contacting us to see if our newest developments can assist you.

Marine Communications


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