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Wireless Bridging

Wireless bridging refers to the use of wireless connection to connect two or more networks together, allowing devices on one network to communicate with devices on the other network. Wireless bridging can be used to extend the range of a network, connect two separate networks together, or provide connectivity to devices that are not directly connected to the network.

There are several types of wireless bridging, including Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint, and mesh. Point-to-Point wireless bridging involves connecting two networks together using a wireless connection between two devices. Point-to-Multipoint wireless bridging involves connecting a central device, known as the base station, to multiple devices using a wireless connection. Mesh wireless bridging involves connecting multiple devices together in a mesh network, where each device is connected to several other devices and can act as a relay for the network. Mesh wireless bridging is different to WiFi meshing and often requires advanced radio technologies such as those found in Rajant.