Whether you’re at home, at work, or out on the farm, WiFi is perhaps the most important link to your internet connection.

Most of us are all too familiar with companies making claims of one speed and delivering only a fraction, whether that be your NBN connection, your mobile, or your WiFi router manufacturer. But it doesn’t have to be this way – Powertec develops some of Australia’s largest and most unique WiFi coverage and enhancement systems, with practical experience building true high-speed solutions for small buildings, vast outdoor areas or large stadium.

WiFi: A Quick Introduction

Before we get ahead of ourselves let’s take a moment to look at what WiFi is.

At a fundamental level, WiFi is just a means of transmitting data through the air rather than through a cable. It uses something most of us consider a bit of a mystery – radio waves.

Ordinary cabled networks work by sending electrical pulses down a physical wire. WiFi involves a small electronic chip connected to an antenna, which is used to convert these same electrical pulses into a radio wave.

The unit in charge of communication in a WiFi network is called an Access Point. All devices that talk back to the Access Point are called Stations.

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Each building, city centre, tunnel, or farm comes with its own unique problems and solutions. You can learn more about how Powertec have risen to each challenge in the below sections.