Join the Sporting Wireless Revolution

There is an increasing need for stadiums and arenas to provide the reliable connectivity necessary to address the needs of fans plus to support new business opportunities along with all the traditional back office operational needs. By enhancing the coverage and capacity of traditional Wi-Fi technologies, you will provide an optimal environment for fans who will be able to access an increasing array of social media and data applications with all types of mobile devices while in your venue.

The digital revolution will allow fans to order food and drinks from their seats, and re-watch the game from different angles – all with flawless mobile phone connectivity.

In most large venues, existing wireless and cellular capability of 3G and 4G is not suitable for reliable delivery to such a highly concentrated audience. Without upgrades, you will limit your thousands of fans in their ability to make phone calls and send text messages, let alone share video and send photos from the event.

The Powertec stadium Wi-Fi solution is specifically designed to meet the needs of high capacity, high density environments whilst providing cost-effectiveness for operators. Our sporting event solution can be deployed in a matter of weeks – you can be up and running in no time.

Powertec can assist you with stadium optimised wireless access points that address user density and interference challenges to deliver high performance coverage for mobile, video and data. Our range of solutions can provide coverage for:

– Convention centres
– Stadiums
– Arenas
– Train stations
– Airports

If you are a stadium or exhibition manager/owner who would like to explore the options of installing your own Wi-Fi solution then please give us a call or contact us today.