Are You Missing Out on Revenue By Not Offering Public Wi-Fi?

With the mass increase of Wi-Fi enabled mobile devices, everyone is demanding constant coverage from home to work to social events. This is driving the demand for Wi-Fi in public areas including city and town centres and even local shopping centre malls.

Are you missing out on revenue by not offering a public Wi-Fi service in your town centre or shopping centre? Your local high street, public car parks, and public transport will all have complete coverage in the near future to provide a full networked experience for your clients.

Mobile coverage in public city areas is no longer seen as just a nicety, it is firmly recognised as a necessity.

Let Powertec provide you with cost-effective rugged outdoor access points that provide carrier-grade Wi-Fi coverage in a variety of deployment scenarios for large open areas. Together with other products within our portfolio, we can deploy managed hot zones, 3G and 4G traffic offload without sacrificing performance and reliability that the network operators demand.

We can combine dual omnidirectional antennas in the 2.4GHz band with a directional antenna in the 5GHz band for wireless backhaul. The directional 5GHz radio can also be used for localised high-performance access in the 5GHz band. The low profile, paintable devices enable venue operators to discreetly place these access points throughout public locations.

Deployment scenarios that benefit from our large open areas solution include:

– Town Squares
– Urban commercial sectors
– Residential sectors
– Shopping malls
– Large conference facilities
– Warehouses and other industrial locations

If you are a local council or landlord who would like to explore the options of installing your own city centre Wi-Fi solution, then please give us a call or contact us today by email.

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