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Industrial Modems

What is an Industrial Modem? This type of cellular modem is designed for operation in harsh environments. They look ugly, they’re usually made of metal with protective seals from dust and moisture. In short, industrial modems are those that can handle the demands of industrial environments, surviving temperature extremes, high vibration, dirt and dust, moisture, salt spray, and more.

Industrial 4G modems are also designed for a range of powering options to support off-grid and DC applications. Most support a wide DC voltage input and use standard Molex-style block connectors, with many having ignition-sense for vehicle installations as standard.

Unlike consumer-grade devices, just about every industrial 4G-5G modem uses standard SMA RF connectors for cellular and RP-SMA connectors for WiFi. This allows them to be installed in metal cabinets with their antennas mounted externally to avoid the cabinet’s faraday effect.

Another common feature is the use of terminal blocks for digital I/O and serial inputs. These are a convenient way to provide IP connectivity to RS485/232 devices. These modems often also have GNSS (GPS) support for asset tracking.

Teltonika RUTX09 3G/4G/4G700 CAT6 Router

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