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For many people, being able to stay connected to the internet is essential for their work, and having an internet connection while travelling can allow them to continue working as they normally would. This can be especially important for travellers who are self-employed or who need to access specific resources or software in order to complete their work.

Another reason why it is important to have a reliable 4G connection when travelling by caravan or on a boat is for safety reasons. Having access to the internet can allow you to check weather forecasts and other important information that can help you plan your journey and stay safe. It can also allow you to communicate with others, such as your family or colleagues, which can be especially important if you are in a remote location or if you encounter any unexpected challenges during your travels.

Powertec provide pre-bundled 4G kits that include everything you need to stay connected, which include high performance antennas, cables, and cellular modem.

Overall, having a reliable and fast 4G internet connection when travelling by caravan or on a boat can be an invaluable resource for staying connected, staying safe, and making the most of your journey.