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The SMA “SubMiniature A” connector series is one of the most commonly used RF connector due to its durability and performance. SMA series has a 1/4 – 36 UNS threaded coupling and can operate up to 18 GHz when using semi-flex or semi-rigid cable types, although most common connectors have an upper limit of about 6 GHz.

The SMA Male connector has an 8 mm hex nut body and a protruding inner pin. The female connector has an outer threaded body with an inner receptacle. The connector is identified by its small, often gold screw-on interface, which allows for reliable, repeatable connections.

The SMA connector series is ubiquitous in high-frequency applications such as in cellular 4G-5G systems, GPS receivers, and wireless communication devices. It offers a reliable, durable solution for connecting RF equipment, and is a standard in the industry.