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Local Area Networking

Providing best-in-class wireless connectivity solutions means ensuring our technologies are backed up with the right IT hardware. Powertec provide a select range of switching and routing products to suit the most typical uses. A more comprehensive range is available on-order.

Switches are broadly classed as unmanaged or managed. Unmanaged switches can be thought of as simple boxes which have a number of interconnected ethernet ports – any devices plugged into the switch are physically connected to each other. Managed switches can be logged into via a web browser to access a user interface. The user interface allows the configuration of VLANs, QoS, PoE, and more.

Routers are similar to switches in that they interconnect many devices but are tasked with the additional role of directing traffic. All networks no matter the size require at least one router, if to do nothing more than decide whether traffic should be sent externally to the internet or remain internally within the local network.

The term router is used in some countries to also describe modems, which are a specialised form of router that have the extra ability to connect to the internet. While all modems are routers, not all routers are modems.

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