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UHF antennas are those which operate within the range of frequencies from 300 MHz to 600 MHz, which encompasses those used by technologies such as SCADA, 477 MHz CB radio, Land Mobile Radio (LMR), P25 digital radio, television broadcast, scientific, amateur and military communications.

It’s important to clarify that the official “UHF” band includes frequencies up to 3 GHz, however the term is most commonly associated with two-way radio communications and accordingly antennas in this section are mostly designed for UHF radio comms.

One of the most noticeable aspects of UHF antenna design is size. Antenna size is largely determined by the wavelength of the signal it’s designed to receive. Lower frequencies, such as UHF, have longer wavelengths and therefore require larger antennas to operate efficiently. Because of the large sizes required gain tends to be much lower than those of cellular and microwave frequencies.

GME AE3700B UHF Antenna, 477 MHz, 915mm

SKU: ANT-GM-00029

$199.00 inc GST
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ZCG High Gain Collinear Antenna

SKU: WEB-916

$323.80 inc GST
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ZCG UHF 6-Element Yagi Antenna

SKU: WEB-921

$327.80 inc GST
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ZCG UHF 9-Element Yagi Antenna

SKU: WEB-922

$330.00 inc GST
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