Receive Help To Overcome Your Hostile Warehouse Wi-Fi Environment

Warehousing is known for being a hostile Wi-Fi environment with connectivity being an enormous challenge for owners, operators and staff. The combination of large areas, metal racks, vehicles, hand held devices and the environmental conditions often make for an unhappy Wi-Fi business environment.

The Challenges

  • Large distributed plant areas
  • High signal blockage
  • Highly congested environment
  • Unstable client connection
  • Limited installation sites in outdoor areas

The Solution

  • Complete outdoor/indoor solution
  • Large coverage area
  • Simple installation
  • Reliable 1+1 backhaul protection
  • Robustness in a high interference plant environment

Powertec are able to supply product uniquely suited to this challenging space to provide you with industry best coverage and capacity without complicated networking protocols or the need for a high density of transmitters.

The equipment is integrated with dual omni-directional antennas which are optimised for wide area access coverage in both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. They constantly focus and refocus to direct Wi-Fi signals over the best performing paths. And the equipment is rugged enough to survive harsh warehouse conditions where obstacles, interference and noise wreaks havoc with standard wireless systems. The low profile, paintable equipment enables venue operators to discreetly place these access points throughout the warehouse.

Plus the combination of data backhaul and power using Power over Ethernet technology can simplify deployment complexity, reducing installation time and cost.

The Application

  • Wireless connectivity for handheld and mobile terminals
  • For users in manufacturing plant, warehouses and open areas
  • Wireless access to Work-In-Process “WIP Systems” as used in manufacturing and repair
  • Wireless integration of RFID and bar code systems as used for tracking work orders, work items, personnel and other  data efficiently
  • Other multi-media applications as required
  • Outdoor/indoor video surveillance as required

Find out more information here about a Altai Super Wi-Fi deployment for a container port/warehouse scenario.

Why Choose Us?

Powertec understand that you want experience, an easy installation process, great service and a competitive price.

At Powertec we focus solely on commercial wireless and mobile communications.  With over 20 years’ in business, we have been at the forefront of the wireless communication industry and use our knowledge to support your business.

We offer the world’s leading products in carrier grade coverage with less products needed for an area compared to alternatives. This results in a better coverage outcome and less cost for the client.

You will have direct access to our experienced Wi-Fi specialists all around Australia who can advise you and assist with installation.

Implementing your Wi-Fi network is a simple 3-step process.

Consultation – Call us to organise a FREE phone consultation with you to discuss the needs of your business.

Site Survey – We visit your premises to ensure we understand the vital aspects of coverage, capacity, security and redundancy. A survey will take into account your existing network and future demands.

Installation – You could be up and running within days.  Most installations of Wi-Fi networks take up to two days with our authorised installers working with you to ensure minimal disruption to your business.

Our authorised network installers around Australia will work with your staff to ensure minimal disruption to your business. We aim to empower your staff to manage the network once we have completed the design.

If you are a Warehouse manager or owner looking to add, improve or extend Wi-Fi in your warehouse space, then please give us a call or contact us by email today.

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