The Medical Industry Needs Robust Wi-Fi to Support Their Staff and Patients

The healthcare industry is facing exploding demand for Wi-Fi both to support the needs of medical staff and their patients, but also to connect the multitude of medical equipment that are networked over Wi-Fi and provide real time patient monitoring.

Hospitals, clinics and other medical buildings need Wi-Fi to enable fast access to patient records, allow staff to consult between sites, and speed up delivery of medical results. Not to mention the improvement in lifestyle for patients and their visitors where Wi-Fi access is extended to waiting rooms and visitor areas.

Hospitals and medical buildings are considered hostile environments for Wi-Fi deployment so it’s important to survey the site to ensure 100% coverage. Typically these areas have a large number of mobile users, thick walls, many levels and any number of electrical appliances/devices.

Powertec will be able to provide a simple Wireless LAN system (WLAN) with antenna that adapt to the best possible connection even in the most difficult conditions.

Powertec Provides Better Coverage for Less Cost

Powertec’s flexible and world leading carrier grade equipment deliver networks for any indoor application for a fraction of the price you would expect to pay compared to alternative carrier grade solutions. This results in a better coverage outcome and less cost for the client.

If you are a Healthcare manager looking to future proof your hospital administration and medical buildings with your own Wi-Fi solution, then please give us a call or email us via our Contacts page.

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