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Cable Reels

Purchasing coaxial cable by the reel can be highly advantageous on a project. Bulk purchasing has a reduced per-metre cost and provides for the unfortunate but often unavoidable circumstance where the length of the cable run has been underestimated. If a job requires more cable than initially estimated, having extra on a reel prevents delays or additional purchases, ensuring the project stays on schedule and within budget.

Reeling off cable from the drum also often makes installation a much easier process compared to unwinding and managing the spaghetti that can result from long pre-terminated lengths of cable. Keeping coax cable on the drum not only makes storage and transport much more efficient, but can prevent damage which is particularly important given how sensitive coaxial cable performance is to dents or kinks.

Cable per-metre and custom pre-terminated cables are also available on request, talk to your Powertec account manager to find out more.

PTL-240 Coaxial Cable Reel

SKU: WEB-002

$278.47 inc GST
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