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Long Feeder Cables

Feeder Cables are a class of coaxial cable that are used to span long distances. They are most often found connecting roof mounted antennas down into equipment such as modems and repeaters that are located indoors. They are also used as distribution cables, for example to connect multiple antennas to one Cel-Fi repeater system.

Feeder cables generally have either an N Male or 4.3-10 Male connector that connects to the external antenna. N Male connectors are very common, but older, whereas 4.3-10 Male are new fully weatherproof connectors that are designed for the latest technologies like 5G.

These types of cables are made from larger diameter ‘medium-sized’ coaxial cable types, such as PTL-240 and PTL-400. Large building repeater systems use more advanced feeder cable types such as 1/2″ Half Inch Corrugated, and 7/8” Corrugated.

The choice of PTL-240 versus PTL-400 depends on the cable length required, and also the frequencies used. PTL-240 is the most popular choice for rural repeaters and modems due to the low frequencies used in those areas. The slightly larger PTL-400 cable is more popular for multi-frequency systems or lengths greater than 25 metres.