Wi-Fi is the Key to a Better Client Experience

“I was impressed by the quick and professional response and am delighted with the end result of full Wi-Fi access for our staff, valued guests and conference delegates.” Manager Kevin Gong, Peppers Ruffles Lodge & Spa, Queensland

Any number of surveys over the last few years clearly show that access to Wi-Fi, and more recently access to free Wi-Fi, is a leading factor in whether a guest chooses to stay and/or spend at your venue…….. or goes next door and hands over their money to your neighbour.

If you’re receiving complaints about your internet service it’s either because your internet connection is slow, the Wi-Fi signal is poor, or internet and data demands have simply outgrown your current system.  What was offered 5 years ago is well behind the times in this age of Netflix, Stan and Presto.

One of your options is to offer a limited/slower amount of Wi-Fi and then charge guests for unlimited or faster data options.  By setting your own parameters you can control the amount of data used and even offset the cost of delivering your Wi-Fi system.

The feedback we receive from the hospitality industry is that internet access is now a cost of sale – a basic form of access to Wi-Fi is expected by every guest who visits your property.

The Guest Wi-Fi Challenge

  • Guest room Internet service at low cost
  • Full indoor and outdoor Internet connectivity for large hotel resorts
  • Help guests stay connected within the hotel areas for more spending
  • Wireless applications for hotel staff under different SSIDs
  • Boost occupancy rate for the hotel
  • Free WiFi service for shopping mall indexing services and promotional campaigns

Keep guests happy and coming back!

Powertec have several solutions to help you meet your Wi-Fi requirements.  Smaller business like cafe’s and restaurants may wish to install a simple Hotspot in their premises for patrons to use on a casual basis.  Larger accommodation venues may require wireless access to all rooms and the ability to push marketing messages to their guests.

You may choose to charge for access to this service – or you may decide to offer it for free. Either way, providing a Wi-Fi service delivers profitable growth for your business by:

  • Attracting more paying customers
  • Encouraging them to stay longer and spend more with you
  • Allowing you to promote other services

The Guest Wi-Fi Solution

At Powertec we can help you with:

  • Small scale easy to manage hotspots (at an economical one-off cost with a built in accounting and billing system)
  • Small venue Wi-Fi networks ideally utilising existing infrastructure already purchased
  • Large venue Wi-Fi networks bespoke to your requirements
  • Multiple venue Wi-Fi connections
  • Cloud based management solutions

With our experienced and trained partners we service clients all over Australia installing new systems or updating old ones.

Interested in upselling to clients?

For venues wanting to take advantage of targeted advertising and big data analysis, we offer a cloud based management solution in conjunction with your Wi-Fi network solution to provide insight into your customers; vital information when preparing a sales strategy or enhancing an online marketing plan.

The cloud software supports user behaviour analysis including behaviour and web surfing history.

Understanding your client and sending them location specific content will allow special deals to be pushed when say your spa services or restaurants are quiet.

Without an understanding of your clients, it is virtually impossible to produce an effective sales strategy. This is a very cost-effective and cheap add-on for many properties setting up a Wi-Fi network.

A Powertec Hotspot is Easy to Operate and Secure – For You and Your Guests

All you need is a broadband internet connection and you can install a wireless Hotspot in your premises. Your Hotspot will come with a built-in accounting and billing system that allows you to sell internet access in blocks of minutes, hours (or days). You set the rate, you sell the time and you collect the money.

As you can see from the illustration, it is quite simple – easy for you and easy for your customers.

Why Choose Us?

Powertec understand that you want experience, an easy installation process, great service and a competitive price.

At Powertec we focus solely on commercial wireless and mobile communications.  With over 20 years’ in business, we have been at the forefront of the wireless communication industry and use our knowledge to support your business.

We offer the world’s leading products in carrier grade coverage with less products needed for an area compared to alternatives. This results in a better coverage outcome and less cost for the client.

You will have direct access to our experienced, trained Wi-Fi specialists all around Australia who can advise you and assist with installation.

Getting Started with your Wi-Fi network or Hotspot is a simple 3-step process.

Consultation – Call us for a FREE no obligation phone consultation to discuss the needs of your business.

Site Survey – We visit your premises to ensure we understand the vital aspects of coverage, capacity, security and redundancy. A survey will take into account what we can utilise from your existing network and future demands.

Installation – You could be up and running within days.  Most installations of Wi-Fi networks take up to two days with our authorised installers working with you to ensure minimal disruption to your business.

Our authorised installers around Australia will work with your staff to ensure minimal disruption to your business.

Find out more about a Wi-Fi Network or Hotspot Today!

It’s easy to get started by giving us a call on 07 5577 0500 or contacting us with your project details via email using the form below.

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