What is Wi-Fi Calling?

Optus is the first mobile carrier in Australia to offer WiFi calling, enabling their customers to make and receive telephone calls using any Wi-Fi network. SMS is also available.

Customers are required to download an Optus App to their phone and when connected to any Wi-Fi network, calls and SMS run over that internet connection instead of through the mobile network.

WiFi calling is made to be seamless, so you can send and receive calls to your mobile number whilst connected directly to either the mobile network or a Wi-Fi network.

iPhone and Android handsets with iOS version 6 and Android version 4.0 and above are compatible.

For further information visit www.optus.com.au/shop/mobile/network/coverage/wi-fi-talk

Applications that use Wi-Fi Calling

As Wi-Fi networks can cover large distances both indoors and outdoors, there is now the ability to utilise this signal for your Optus mobile. A radius of 2km from a large access point can be achieved or a point to point link of 80km.

Farming – can provide signal to an Optus mobile up to 2km around a farm.
Mining – Can send a Wi-Fi signal 80km using a point to point link, then spread the signal 2km around a mine site.

Wi-Fi Calling Extenders

We have put together packs that will enable you to extend your WiFi Calling range:

Micro Wi-Fi Calling Extender – up to 300m range

Mini Wi-Fi Calling Extender – up to 1km range

Macro Wi-Fi Calling Extender – up to 2km range

For more information about Wi-Fi Calling Extenders for your situation, please give us a call or contact us via email using our Contacts page.