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RF Connectors

Most RF connectors are small cylindrical metal objects which are crimped or clamped onto the end of a cable.

An RF connector serves as both a mechanical and electrical termination to a transmission line such as a cable, allowing its signal to traverse another component in an RF system. RF connectors are designed so that a signal may traverse its boundary without losing power through reflections.

Basic Terminology

A type of RF connector design is called a Series, with each series implementing a male and female Interface. The process of interconnecting two interfaces is called Coupling or Mating the connectors.

RF connectors are sometimes categorised as coaxial connectors, although using this term is discouraged as our solutions may make use of triaxial or air-dielectric waveguide RF connections.

Dust Cap N Male, with Chain

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N Male Connector for L-240 Coaxial Cable

SKU: ACC-PT-00040

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N Male Connector for L-400 Coaxial Cable

SKU: ACC-PT-00037

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