The Cel-Fi GO requires both a minimum of two antennas to operate; one internal and an external antenna. A Cel-Fi GO can operate with multiple internal (donor) antennas however this is usually considered a bespoke solution and is best to get in contact with a qualified installer or Powertec consultant to verify.

A Cel-Fi PRO solution does not always require an antenna. If you have sufficient signal (at least 2 bars) then it is likely that the existing internal antennas will be sufficient for your needs. If you have very poor signal then it is highly likely that you will need an external antenna.

Powertec has access to Australia-wide cellular frequency information and offers free consultation to all of our customers should you feel unsure about which antenna would best suit your situation. Email us at [email protected] or call our head office on (07) 55 770 500 to discuss today!

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