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Working Remotely: Benefits of Using Two Factor Authentication for Security

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Remote and travelling teams have become a common advantage for businesses globally, they provide international companies with flexibility and adaptability. With the current COVID-19 outbreak, big tech companies including Google and Twitter are telling employees to work from home. Many Australian businesses are beginning to follow suit, implementing work-from-home policies. The following is a guide for employers looking to effectively set up remote teams.

Are you equipped to let your employees work from home safely?

Security becomes the greatest challenge to overcome when employees are working remotely. Though they may utilise a company laptop, tablet or desktop, they still need to use their home networks to access company data and documents.

Employers need to apply best practice to guard against security risks. By providing remote staff with the training and tools required, they can share the accountability for security.

Maximise security with Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an industry-accepted solution for remote user access. It provides an added layer of security by sending a one-time password (OTP) to users via SMS, Mobile Soft Token or social messaging apps thereby minimising the risk of potential cyber-attacks.

SendQuick ConeXa is the ideal solution for companies seeking low-cost and seamless 2FA implementation. It comes built-in with a server with a One-Time-Password (OTP) generator capability, which communicates via SMS. It also includes support for Soft Token OTP, supporting any standard SHA-256 soft token. Users will not have access to the password via any other devices, apart from their mobile phone.

SendQuick ConeXa integrates seamlessly with your existing database or RADIUS and can support multiple SSL VPN sessions as required.

Why choose SendQuick ConeXa for remote employees?


Sets a clear line of reporting and formally establishes a direct supervisor for each employee working from home. Enables supervisors to monitor the performance and progress of employees remotely.


SendQuick ConeXa ensures remote employees appropriate forms of protection or access to the corporate network and data. It is important to make sure the employee’s home laptop is configured properly with adequate firewall and virus protection installed.


Schedules regular communication sessions for home-based employees to receive sufficient guidance and mentoring in their work.

For more information about SendQuick ConeXa or other tools to improve remote employee security access, please contact Powertec Telecommunications on AU (07) 5577 0500 or NZ (09) 951 6205 or email sales@powertec.com.au.


Original article by Talaria X

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