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Pop Up WiFi Connectivity Solutions For Businesses and Health Emergency Services

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photo 1549637642 90187f64f420

Connectivity for Home or Small Office

The current Coronavirus pandemic is causing serious disruption for many organisations who are setting up off-premise work zones and need pop up Wi-Fi connectivity with mobile backhaul. Working outside of the office is aimed at encouraging ‘social distancing’ in an attempt to reduce the COVID-19 infection spreading.

Powertec is aware of the urgent need for organisations to install ‘pop up’ temporary Wi-Fi solutions and can assist in discussing the best router with WIFI for your business. We have two decades of experience in selling Wi-Fi connectivity solutions to small and medium enterprises as well as large corporations, healthcare and emergency services.

If your business or organisation needs immediate WiFi connectivity solutions for your staff and workers in temporary or short term offices, please call our expert consultants directly on (07) 5577 0500.

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Temporary WiFi Solutions – Hospitals and Remote Areas

As more testing for COVID-19 increases, hospital and medical facilities, health and emergency services expand work zones which require rapid deployment of connectivity in locations.

Powertec provides temporary wireless Matrix voice gateway solutions to allow medical and emergency response teams to stay connected.

Our expert staff can provide advice on the right voice and internet solution, and our Australia-wide partners can install wireless connectivity solutions in outside and remote areas immediately. For more information, read how Powertec assisted Peppers Ruffles Lodge & Spa with resort-wide Wi-Fi access and how Queensland Hospital worked with our team to ensure mobile connectivity.

Renting CEL-FI PRO Mobile Boosters for Home or Small Office

To assist in setting up a connected workspace, Powertec is offering short to long term CEL-FI PRO rentals from 3 to 24 months. Boost your mobile signal to other workmates and team members. The CEL-FI PRO Smart Repeater is the ideal plug and play product to boost and distribute a 3G/4G mobile signal within your workspace, allowing high-speed internet access and voice connectivity.

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WiFi For Health Services Emergency Services on the Move

The Coronavirus pandemic is placing increasing pressure on healthcare and emergency services to expand facilities for testing people for COVID-19 infections. Powertec can assist in establishing fixed wireless and mobile signal hot-spotting devices for your organisation using the Cellmate V2, a portable mobile repeater. Powertec has 25 years of expertise in pop up connectivity solutions for business, health and emergency services.

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