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Underground Wi-Fi Communication System

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Underground Wifi Communication System

Critical Communications – The Underground Wi-Fi Communication Model

The Altai Super WiFi Underground Communication System (UCS) was developed by Powertec Telecommunications in conjunction with our resellers for a specific client to improve their current method of communication when staff were traversing underground tunnels.

It is an advanced solution for critical communications that extends beyond voice to integrated systems and data applications in underground environments. The UCS is a bespoke, pre-configured, portable, IP rated solution which generates a closed loop IP network above and below ground allowing staff to take advantage of voice and data communications.

The final result produced great outcomes for the client – less staff required to do the task, better communication and improved safety. The Underground Communication System was tested head to head with an alternative popular competitor and beat them across the board in terms of ease of operation, coverage and signal strength.


The client brief was to update and improve communications for staff when traversing through the network of underground tunnels by replacing the UHF push to talk/2way radio system used to communicate between the surface and the traverse teams.

The UHF system was used primarily for voice communications and was unreliable, with fairly sketchy service on occasion and only operated in short range.  These issues did not support robust health and safety outcomes, they placed limits on the amount of tunnel investigation work done underground in a single session, and did not allow widespread communication when issues forced further consultation with other company staff.


Products Used

Altai Super WiFi products were used due to their high quality carrier grade and proven performance to increase capacity and extend coverage.

Altai A2 – The Altai A2 is a powerful access point/bridge solution with an integrated Wi-Fi Underground 5GHz backhaul radio and antenna, designed for micro WiFi coverage and high throughput PTP/PTMP bridging. The A2 includes a MIMO 2.4GHz 801.11 b/g/n radio with a set of 2 antenna ports, and a MIMO 5GHz 802.11a/n radio with an integrated dual-slant high-gain antenna, making it a simple-to-deploy solution for remote micro coverage with integrated backhaul.

Altai C1an / C1xan – The C1an and C1xan are high-performance WAP’s designed to increase WiFi signal strength (transmission and reception) as well as the client’s throughput. They can be configured as AP, STN, Repeater Bridge.

As required, rugged HSP/LTE routers and handheld communication devices.

As this is a bespoke product, contact Powertec for a discussion about your requirements.  There is a product sheet available which can be requested from Powertec Telecommunications.


Underground wifi critical communications



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