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Is SMS Still Relevant Today?

In the recent US Election primaries, SMS Texting was a key component in providing campaign updates and receiving of promised donations and support via candidate’s web-pages.

The message “Text TRUMP to 88022”, raised a huge list of supporters wanting to receive regular messages from the Candidate.

The Brexit ‘Leave.eu’ campaign used SMS marketing to interact with supporters and their use of SMS texting has been mentioned as one of the contributing factors towards the win.

In Australia SMS messaging is one of the options used by governments for emergency alerts including fire, flood, and extreme weather events warnings.

SMS provides you with the opportunity to communicate effectively with your list of opted in contacts simultaneously (hundreds of thousands of contacts in the case of the US Presidential primaries). It also allows you to further market for referrals from your recipients forwarding your SMS to their friends and colleagues.

When you compare with other social media stats, the figures look like this:

  • Facebook Posts reach 20% of your audience
  • Twitter stats from leading sites show they get a 4% reach from tweets
  • With SMS, over 98% of messages are read, and most are read within seconds.  And the engagement rate is extremely high.  My own experience shows over 20% response rate for a well-targeted campaign.

The ongoing proliferation in apps supporting SMS messaging seems to clearly point to the fact that SMS messaging is still very relevant today and here to stay. SMS text messaging continues to remains a key option in marketing and communication.

sendQuick – The Secure SMS Business Solution

Online SMS applications are easy, but they are not secure.  One of the only alternatives is to consider a sendQuick SMS system which easily integrates with your server and sits behind your firewall.  The sendQuick Entera is one of the most popular products within the business group and it has recently had a makeover of the User Interface making it even easier for the business purchaser to get it up and running.

Sendquick sms texting

sendQuick SMS business solutions are available for bulk sms collection, automation and broadcasting, system alerts, data security, password resets by sms and lots more as follows:

  • IT SMS alerts and notifications
  • Message broadcasts
  • Secure Remote Access
  • System Availability Monitoring
  • Business Process Automation

Give Powertec a call for more information or look at the product specifications on our website here:

sendQuick AlertPlus

sendQuick Entera

sendQuick ConneXa

Sendquick sms texting

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