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Wideband Log Periodic Antenna Available Now

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Welcome to our Wideband Log Periodic Antenna

We are pleased to be able to offer the Blackhawk Wideband Log Periodic Directional Antenna (LPDA) suitable for all mobile carrier bands including Telstra NextG / 4GX, Optus and Vodafone 3G/4G.

With it’s 137cm long rod and multiple protruding elements, it provides an explosive 12 – 14 dB gain, guaranteed to get you some exciting speeds. Keep your antenna securely erect on your pole via the stainless steel mounting clamp. Pole not supplied.


  • Provides a 12dBi gain for 698-960MHz bandwidths
  • Provides a 14dBi gain for 1710-2700MHz bandwidths

A number have been sent to Dealers across Australia to road test with great feedback received:

I’ve tested it on 3 sites using Telstra, Vodafone and Optus and as an all round directional it’s fantastic.

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Find more HERE.

Overview Log Periodic Antennas

Log Periodics look similar to directional Yagi antennas, but work in very different ways. If you added elements to a Yagi antenna it would increase its gain. Adding elements to a LPDA increases its bandwidth.

Log Periodic antennas are designed for the specific purpose of having a very wide bandwidth. The achievable bandwidth is in theory infinite; the actual bandwidth will depend on how large the structure is – this determines the lower frequency limit – and how precise the smaller elements are on the antenna – this determines the upper frequency limit.

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