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Introducing MARS Antennas

We are happy to introduce quality MARS Antennas to the Powertec Antenna portfolio. MARS is a well known brand specialising in outdoor & in-building multi polarised antennas used in LTE, WiMAX, Mobile, MIMO, WLAN and Wi-Fi systems.

The antennas will be on our website soon so in the meantime speak to your Sales Manager or Geoff Carroll regarding more information, pricing and availability – sales@powertec.com.au.

MARS Dual Polarising 5GHz Antenna, 25dBi, 37x37cm, inc mount. Code: MA-WA56-DP25NB

MARS 5 GHz Dual Polarised Antenna designed to provide full coverage for the 5 GHz frequency band.

Additional Features:

  • Dual slant if mounted diagonally.
  • Efficient and stable performance.
  • High gain/size ratio.
  • Light weight and durable construction.
  • UV protected radome made of polycarbonate suitable for harsh weather installations.
  • Easy mounting allowing Az/El adjustment and 45° turn installation.

MARS Dual Polarised Base Station Sector 60º degrees 2.5GHz Antenna, 14dBi Antenna, 37x37cm, inc mount. Code: MA-WC25-DP14B

MARS 60° Base Station Antenna with 14 dBi of gain is light-weight yet has a robust and durable construction.

Antenna Features:

  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Small, aesthetic and unobtrusive radome.
  • Easily adapted to any RF connector.
  • Easy mounting allows obtaining required down tilt degree.


  • Point-to-Multi-Point Systems.
  • WLL applications.
  • MMDS.
  • ISM applications.

MARS Dual Band, Dual Polarised Directional Antenna, 14dBi Antenna, 698-2700MHz, 800x600x110mm, inc mount. Code: MA-WA82220-DBDP14B

MARS dual band, dual pole specifically designed for arenas and stadiums that have to supply high capacity and reliable wireless data.

Antenna Features:

  • PIM Certified.
  • UV protected radome suitable for harsh environment installations.
  • Durable construction.
  • Easy mounting allowing Az/El adjustment.
  • Aesthetic design.
  • Weatherized and durable – w

    ind survival rating of 200 km/h.


  • Specifcally designed for stadiums.

MARS Dual Band, Dual Polarised Directional Antenna, 8dBi Antenna, 698-2700MHz, 310x310x126mm, inc mount. Code: MA-WA6927-DBDP8B

The antenna is aesthetic small and has an unobtrusive profile that blends easily with any environment.The antenna is easy-installed and is highly recommended as unobtrusive logistic solution for Outdoor installations as well as In-Building Installations.


  • Specifically designed for unobtrusive outdoor and in-building installations.

MARS Multi Band Panel Antenna, 5dBi Antenna, 698-2700MHz, 231x215x37.5mm, inc mount. Code: MA-CLTE-14B

Multi Band Panel Antenna covers all the bands for LTE 700 MHz, cellular bands, as well as ISM, WLAN, GSM1800, UMTS and Bluetooth. The antenna is aesthetic, small and has unobtrusive profile that blends easily with any environment. The antenna can be easily used either for Indoor or Outdoor Applications and features different mounting options.


  • Specifically designed for unobtrusive outdoor and in-building installations.
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