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Australians on the Move to Benefit from State of the Art Signal Amplifier – CEL-FI GO

10 January 2017: If you’ve ever tried to talk to someone while your car was travelling through poor wireless coverage areas, you know the frustration of poor call quality, call drop outs and having to pull over to finish your conversation.

Resolving these problems has been front and centre for USA based Nextivity with the company recently designing a solution ideal for the Australian market, specifically addressing poor mobile coverage needs of moving and nomadic applications.

“Cellular coverage in vehicles is more critical than ever before as the norm becomes to rely on mobile phones as the primary mode of CEL-FI GO Media Releasecommunication in Australia,” says Raymond Smith, Managing Director of Powertec Telecommunications in Queensland.

As of this month Powertec is distributing Nextivity’s newest products, CEL-FI GO, a smart 3G and 4G cellular signal amplifier that is fully compliant for Australia and approved by Telstra for the 3G 850 and 4G 700/1800 frequency bands. CEL-FI GO is environmentally rated IP-54 and can be used in marine, automotive and fixed installations. CEL-FI GO was recently recognised by the Cellular Technology Industry Association (CTIA) with its Emerging Technology Award.

“We had an incredible opportunity to work alongside Nextivity for the past year to help bring the CEL-FI GO to market in Australia,” says Mr Smith. “The result is an Australian first for an all-digital, carrier specific mobile signal repeater for the vehicle, marine and caravan market”.

CEL-FI GO Media Release

Already well known for products to improve in-home and office mobile coverage, Nextivity designed CEL-FI GO Mobile to address the challenges of poor vehicular mobile coverage by using a number of patented algorithms to amplify cellular signals up to 70dB (100x more powerful than traditional methods).

It automatically adapts to the moving environment jumping from tower to tower by not ‘releasing’ the signal until the incoming tower signal is of sufficient strength. CEL-FI GO uses the indoor/outdoor rated design to improve cellular coverage in industrial applications where significant RF obstacles impede a cell phone signal. CEL-FI GO provides the industry’s highest levels of system gain at up to 100-dB in stationary mode, while guaranteeing unconditional network safety. Coupled with antennas and the CEL-FI WAVE smartphone app, CEL-FI GO is the ideal solution to resolve the toughest coverage challenges.

To find out the details of a trained CEL-FI GO distributor/installer in your area, contact Powertec Telecommunications on 07 5577 0500 or email sales@powertec.com.au with your postcode.

Media contact: Samantha Clifton 07 5577 0553 samantha.clifton@powertec.com.au
There are a small number of CEL-FI GO units available on loan for testing by the media. Please contact Samantha at Powertec if you would like to test the CEL-FI GO device.

About CEL-FI in Australia
The CEL-FI family of products are distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Powertec Telecommunications Pty Ltd and manufactured by Nextivity Inc, based in San Diego, USA. CEL-FI devices are legal and carrier approved mobile repeaters.

CEL-FI GO Media Release

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