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Business Profile

Aquasplash is all about fun, fun, fun!

Located at Marine Parade, Southport QLD at Broadwater Parklands, it combines both physical and mental challenges with the fun of a water park. The blow-up obstacles push people out of their comfort zones providing exercise wrapped in a fun bow.

The company operate online bookings via their website plus onsite at their offices at the venue entrance. They have very strict regulations on the number of guests so it is important that live information be constantly available to staff in order to monitor and avoid double-bookings.  Unfortunately inconsistent Wi-Fi signal made this task very difficult.

Business Needs

The Manager at Aquasplash contacted Powertec Dealer Enzo from AE TV Systems needing a solution for their company data connection problems. The Manager explained that staff would be in the middle of a transaction, when the Wi-Fi signal would drop out, causing duplication in work for staff and a poor experience for guests. The office had been utilising a mobile dongle but it appeared that the iron material used in their office walls was limiting the amount of mobile 3G/4G signal.

Product/s Used

  • 1 x Netcomm NTC–140 LTE Router
  • 1 x Blackhawk MIMO XPol Antenna Wideband 698-2700
  • Backhawk MIMO Antenna


Improving data was an easy solution for AE TV Systems. The Blackhawk MIMO XPol Wideband antenna was positioned on a pole just outside the office on the roof to increase the mobile signal. The Blackhawk Antenna was connected via cable to the Netcomm NTC-140 which converted the mobile signal into consistent Wi-Fi to enable the business to operate smoothly. The Netcomm unit was also installed in an enclosure to protect it from the elements.

The install took a few hours and Aquasplash were up and running by the afternoon, happy with their completed solution.

Netcomm Router

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