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Secure SMS Servers That Help Business’ Communicate

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There is an interesting article about use of sms for healthcare – a lot of people will suggest straight away that apps are better. But are they? Is your typical pensioner (is there such a thing?) going to use an app? Does everyone have a phone that can handle apps? But sms – now pretty much everyone can sms. And I bet there are a lot of other applications out there alongside healthcare where sms will beat apps hands down.

Article: Could SMS Revolutionise Healthcare?

If you are a business with a requirement for SMS and need a secure server to ensure total confidentiality, then there are a couple options available to you.

TalariaX has designed sendQuick® as an Out-of-The-Box SMS server with inbuilt SMS Software. This means your SMS server will be up and running in just minutes!

In most instances, setting up a SMS server has been complex and tedious, requiring professional expertise and involving complex integration processes. All of which is time-consuming and un-economical for your company.

The sendQuick® range of SMS Servers are designed for all companies, regardless of size. Built with the intention of lower your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), they can be used for multiple applications, with unlimited users and application licences.

The ever changing technological landscape creates a challenging environment for businesses. It is important to be able to provide real-time information, keep up with customer requirements and be competitive.

By using mobile applications, particularly SMS (Short Message Service), companies can communicate between employees, customers and business partners efficiently and effectively.

Business Marketing – SMS enables businesses to communicate with their customers easily and cost effectively to improve sales.

Customer Support – SMS enables businesses to provide a higher level of service to their customers, keep them up to date and build stronger relationships.

Network Support – IT support services face the challenge to provide 24×7 service to ensure continuous up-time for IT systems within a company. SMS is an effective communication tool to send alerts when systems fail.

The sections below illustrate how different industries can use the range of sendQuick SMS Servers:

  • Healthcare – Pharmaceutical
  • Healthcare – Hospitals & Clinics
  • Hospitality – Hotels
  • Travel – Travel Agency
  • Education – Private & Public Schools/Institutions
  • F & B – Restaurants, Bars, Lounges and Karaoke Lounges
  • Research, Polling, Voting & Feedback Applications
  • Service & Support – Maintenance & Technical Support (Lift, Equipment, Copier, Automobile, etc)
  • Courier & Delivery Companies
  • Data Centres & IT Support Services
  • Clubs, Membership & Fitness Centres
  • Retail – Service & Product Retailing

For more information on secure SMS Servers and how you can integrate them into your business, don’t hesitate to contact Powertec Telecommunications.  We can put you in touch with a trained Dealer in your area who will be available to consult and install if required.



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