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Multi-Carrier Solution for QLD Hospital

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Business Profile

With a dedicated focus on the provision of quality healthcare, this hospital is a leading hospital renowned for patient outcomes in orthopaedics, drug and alcohol rehabilitation and neurosurgery. Offering a unique combination of specialist medical and surgical services. As a 150-patient bed private hospital, this hospital treats over 20,000 patients each year with the assistance of our large, dedicated team.


  • Maintain a reliable mobile signal throughout the existing and future building areas
  • Design a multi-carrier solution to boost the signal for Optus, Vodafone and Telstra simultaneously

Products Used:

  • 2 x CEL-FI Pro Optus and Vodafone
  • 2 x CEL-FI Go Telstra
  • Internal dome antennas
  • External Blackhawk LPDA Antenna
CEL-FI PRO/ GO Multi Carrier Repeater Solution
CEL-FI PRO/ GO Multi-Carrier Solution

Business Needs

To maintain a high level of care for patients 24/7, a continuous and reliable mobile signal is imperative. The hospital needs to improve this in all areas of the existing and planned hospital extension. Specifically, mobile signal is needed near patient beds, recovery rooms, consultation suites, operating theatres and administration areas. Mobile signal for all three network operators (Optus, Telstra and Vodafone) was also a requirement for this proof of concept.

Multi-Carrier Solution

The initial assessment by a Powertec expert dealer indicated that once the extension construction was finished that the signal strength will become patchy at best.  The reseller skillfully implemented their CEL-FI enhancer to allow two CEL-FI PRO units to operate without interference. The Optus and Vodafone coverage is provided via the CEL-FI Pro whilst two CEL-FI GO units provide the boosted Telstra signal.

Business Benefits

The CEL-FI GO/PRO installation was a great success, providing mobile signal coverage across all areas of the hospital. Simultaneous coverage for all three network providers was also successful. The hospital now receives a strong mobile signal — a great benefit to the hospital, including staff, patients and visitors.

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