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CEL-FI GO Basement Trial

CEL-FI GO is due for release in 2016.

As part of product testing undertaken before distributing a product, we sent a number of CEL-FI GO units to our reseller channel to receive their expert feedback.  Paul from Proeye Communications & Security Systems in Melbourne, Victoria took the CEL-FI GO through its paces in a basement space.

Paul used the CEL-FI GO stationary model with 2 x internal omni antennas – products ideal for this basement space and with further applications in high rise apartments and hospitals.

Nextivity’s CEL-FI GO is a cabled 3G or 4G mobile signal amplier that provides up to 100 dB of signal gain, all the while unconditionally protecting the mobile network.

And after a number of test applications, what was Paul’s verdict?

 “Absolutely awesome. This repeater is ideal where internal cabling solutions are required … indoor coverage is improved with the ability to use one or more antennas of different sorts. The bluetooth App was excellent in providing diagnostics during the installation, an accessory that no other product in this arena has.

I can’t wait to install them.”


Thanks to Paul Di Berardino from Proeye Communications & Security Systems for the time spent testing and providing us with this information. Paul can be contacted on 03 9012 7545 or by email on enquiries@proeyesecurity.com.au if you have further questions.

For a local dealer/installer within your area please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will send you contact details of your local expert.

Will the CEL-FI GO Work For You?

As everyone’s application is different, from size to environment, there are also different solutions. Some people will need a specific type of antennas, where others will need assistance to optimise the final solution. Speak to an expert in your local area and get a CEL-FI solution that works for you.

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