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Unboxing the Cel-Fi GO for boosting mobile phone signal in a car

Today we decided to unbox the Cel-Fi GO Mobile Version, the new repeater for boosting a mobile signal in a car.

It is one of the first legal phone boosters in Australia for a car, 4WD, truck, tractor or virtually any vehicle type. Currently undergoing approvals with Telstra we expect the booster to be available in several months time.


Cel-Fi GO comes in a brown box with GO branding and specifications on the outside of the box. You can see the mobile version supports 3G and 4G LTE, however will only boost one band at a time which is selectable using a button on the front of the unit. It offers up to 70dB (now 100dB) of system gain making it ideal for low signal areas.

Mobile Phone Booster

When you open the box on top you will find a quick setup guide, product safety and regulatory document, and also the carrier authorisation letter.

Mobile Phone Booster for Telstra

After taking all the included parts out of the box you will see from left to right:

  • 12v DC power lead with cigarette socket
  • Mounting screws
  • Cel-Fi GO Mobile Version
  • Indoor Panel Antenna with adhesive backing
  • Magnetic Base Antenna

Mobile Phone Booster Australia

You can see the Cel-Fi GO mobile phone booster is quite compact and can be hidden away under the seat or concealed behind the dash or centre console.

The switch on the front allows you to move between 3G, 4G/4GX or auto select (selects band with best signal strength). The LED indicator will flash when connecting and solid when connected to the mobile network. It will display a colour to match the band on the switch. Remember the Cel-Fi GO mobile repeater only supports one Telstra band at a time, so most people will leave it in 3G mode as 4G VoLTE (voice) is only available in selected areas on certain plans. When you want faster data, then you can switch to 4G mode.

Mobile Booster for Telstra

On the side of the unit is a power socket that will handle 12 or 24V DC, suited to a car, 4WD, tractor or truck.

You will also notice a removable rubber plug to the left of the power socket, that underneath has a Micro-USB socket. This port is for connecting the GO to a computer for use with the WAVE Computer App.

Cel-Fi Go

The back of the unit features a large heat sink to disburse the heat.

Booster for Telstra

An SMA female antenna port is available for connecting the external antenna, indicated by a mobile phone tower logo.

Phone Booster Antenna

Another SMA female port is available for the indoor antenna, indicated by a mobile phone logo. Do not connect your phone directly to this port as damage to phone may occur.

Cel-Fi GO Antenna

Below you can see the completed setup with the indoor and outdoor antenna connected, as well as the 12v power cable. Different antennas are available for a variety of vehicle types including bull bar trucker antennas, marine antennas and magnetic mount antennas. We look forward to testing the GO in future articles.

Cel-Fi GO Booster Setup


4 thoughts on “Unboxing the Cel-Fi GO for boosting mobile phone signal in a car

  1. Powertec Telecommunications says:

    Very interested in purchasing one.
    How improved is the signal with this device installed in a vehicle?
    Im drive in remote North Queensland. Do you think it will help?
    Any data results?

  2. Powertec Telecommunications says:

    Hi Paul, We find that in a majority of instances the signal will go from 1 to 3 bars. However, each location is going to be different due to their being so many variables. Customers often report they can now get signal where before it dropped out or where they could receive a signal but could not place a call. Also that it now fills in the small gaps of signal between towns. Of course Cel-Fi will not boost the signal if there is zero signal at the location to start with. You can access a 30 day money back guarantee if you need to (less postage). Hope that helps. Let us know if you have any other queries.

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