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Case Study – The Matrix Gateway to Learning

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Business Profile

This Australian business offers advanced learning courses covering Beauty to Tourism, and Business to Multimedia. The day is long gone when students physically attending class is the only pathway to learning; and mobile communication is key to supporting students and their learning pathways.

Business Needs

The Business is in close contact with their Dealer for their mobile communication needs, and they recently asked for some special requirements from their communication system: to specifically track sim card usage per Course Advisor and allow easy, direct access between students and their Advisor.

This is not the ‘normal’ gateway set-up where generally all sims are in a pool and available to any user. It was only the non-Teaching staff who would access a shared pool of numbers. Based on their unique and specific business needs, the Dealer designed a bespoke 1:1 routing solution especially for the Business.

The Solution

A Matrix SIP (session initiation protocol) gateway can have up to 32 sim cards installed from which users would access in either a cyclic, ascending or descending pattern depending on the best outcome for the client – based on phone plan, or business efficiencies needed.

For the company to be able to track sim card usage between the Course Advisor and their students, they needed to dedicate 1 sim card to one tutor. When the Advisor dialled their student’s number, they always used the same sim card. When the student returned the call it only went to the designated Course Advisor for that student. Telstra added an additional code to the Course Advisor outbound number which was programed via the Session Border Control and the Matrix Jeeves User Interface to allow the student to return the call directly to the trainer. This clever but simple adjustment meant there was no need for receptionists or others to pass calls manually on to the tutor – the process was entirely managed by the bespoke gateway solution.

Products Used

  • 4 x Wideband Omni Antennas
  • 1 x SIP Session Border Control
  • 1 x Matrix Eternity GE 12S Chassis (GE 12SP)
  • 1 x Matrix Eternity GE 32 VoIP (GE VOIP32)
  • 8 x Matrix Eternity GE 4 GSM 3G (GE GSM4 3G)

Business Benefits

The Business is now set for growth with their new Gateway application allowing for more Course Advisors, more students, more efficiencies and less unnecessary handling of calls.


Graham Cleland, Manager of Powertec Technical Support said “Matrix Gateways are incredibly feature-rich. The applications are endless if resellers familiarise themselves with the advanced options and configurations this product can provide.”

Some of the benefits of a matrix gateway include:

  • Least cost carrier call routing based on time, number, combination time and number, carrier preselection, service provider to service provider
  • Call budgeting based on allocated amounts, minutes and call count
  • Time/number based call routing
  • Hotline extension setting (used in the Evocca College setup)
  • Web based remote administration
  • Live call screening/supervision
  • Automatic call distribution

For more information about Matrix gateways check out our website HERE.

Speak to our Technical team today to learn more about the features of Matrix gateways or to assist with your clients’ gateway solutions. For more information on wireless, mobile and Wi-Fi solutions, please contact us at: Powertec Telecommunications Pty Ltd 16/511 Olsen Ave Southport QLD 4215 Australia Tel: 07 5577 0500 International: +61 7 5577 0500 Fax: +61 7 5577 0599 sales@powertec.com.au www.powertec.com.au

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