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Phase 1 Testing – The Long Reach of the PRO

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The introduction of the CEL-FI PRO has opened up plenty of potential including ideas to improve mobile coverage across a number of different applications. Extending the distance between the Network and the Coverage Unit is one concept currently being tested by Powertec staff member Geoff Carroll in conjunction with CEL-FI PRO manufacturer Nextivity.

Their aim is to extend the distance between the 2 units from the established 30m maximum to a 2km distance.

This application would be useful in the following applications:

  • At mine sites where they need to get mobile signal into a mine pit for M2M applications
  • In regional areas where mobile signal can be found on a hill and is needed to be directed to farms and properties in valleys.

Testing Phase 1

Preliminary testing of the concept has proved positive. Geoff modified the 5Ghz CEL-FI PRO using default firmware supplied by Nextivity.  While testing at the local park, he was able to achieve and maintain a UNII link for distances of 90 and 150 metres at a local park. 


Image Map

For initial testing, the antenna heights were limited (180cm) which does cause concern with regard to the Fresnel zone but this will be adjusted later.


Product/s Used

1 x CEL-FI PRO Network Unit and Coverage Unit

2 x Panel Antennas 23dBi

2 x Tripods

2 x Battery Packs


The Outcome

90 metres between the tripods



150 metres between the tripods



Phase 2

Phase 2 testing will take place during December 2015 with updated firmware from Nextivity and testing of the UNII link over distances of 500m and 1000m distances.

See more in the next newsletter or keep up to date with the outcome via your Sales Manager.





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