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One of the benefits of working with the Powertec IoT Division is that if your IoT/E concept has not been done before, we are happy to do a small scale proof of concept for your client to prove that it is possible prior to roll out.  Some of the testing we are currently running for clients is very exciting and may well have applications within your own network.

The following projects are underway or have been completed as successful tests for clients:

  • GPS over LoRaWAN – If you already have a LoRaWAN Network why not utilise it for GPS tracking of assets? This client needed to ensure their staff were safe while on the job around the property for health and safety purposes.  Once off the property, in was not necessary to continue tracking.  Utilising the existing LoRaWAN source without having to double up on supplying GPS via mobile coverage is a cheaper and more efficient way of working.
  • Adding GPS trackers to soil probes (via LoRaWAN or other) – an agronomist or farmer may well want to move soil sensors around the property.  GPS trackers on the sensors providing a map of positioning will make this job quicker, cheaper and easier.
  • Large weather stations utilised on farms can be costly, especially if there are many to be deployed over larger areas. Utilising mini weather stations within certain areas interspersed around the larger product will save money – up to 1/20th of the cost. Farms may have specific areas with their own microclimates due to terrain, where this could be a great money saving solution and allow better decision-making around spraying chemicals and watering or more, in that particular area.

If you are interested in seeing if we can assist with your own project, you can contact Powertec IoT Division on sales@powertec.com.au.  Alternatively, speak directly to one of our engineers by calling 07 5577 0500.

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